Hotel Hermes

Play as one of the mailroom operators at the Hotel Hermes, a prestigious hotel in the swanky part of New Olympus. Your job is to ensure mail arrives at the right place at the right time and to accomplish this you have to master the archaic and eccentric system used by the hotel. In order to ensure mail reaches the right place, you will have to learn about the guests of the hotel, the upper management, fellow mail clerks, as well as the world at large.

As you play the letters you send will change the world around you. Hopefully for the best!


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Solve the problems of your guests by delivering mail and writing letters in this 2D puzzler role playing game. Each letter you send can change world as all manner of strange and eccentric guests come to stay at the prestigious hotel. Stop wars, discover ancient secrets, track down criminals, and more all from the comfort of your mail room!