Adjective Noun Tools

Adjective Noun Studios is formed from a designer and a programmer giving us a unique way of thinking about building games. Our design ideas are focused on putting as much power into the hands of our designers with minimal impact on our coder. As such our tools are oriented to creating complex systems able to manipulate by the designers. Our tools seek to bridge the gap between coders and designers to make the creation of the game you want all that easier.

Below you’ll find a list of all our tools currently in development or already released:

Scriptable Properties

Scriptable Properties introduces an easy to use system to create, compare, modify, and store basic data types through scriptable objects. Using this system developers can easily setup UI and gameplay systems without the need for additional scripting.

Scriptable Properties provides code for creating bool, integer, float, and string scriptable objects that are fully accessible through Unity’s event systems. Each data type includes its own object from running comparisons including logic for AND, OR, EQUALS, greater than, and less than. With the variety we offer, we aim to bridge that gap between design and code.


Supporting scripts are included for printing properties to text fields, running events on comparisons, and editing the object’s properties.

You can find our tool on the Unity Asset Store here:


If you have any questions or issues with any of our tools please feel free to contact us for support at: