Who We Are?

What we Care About

Adjective Noun Studios is developing games for mobile gamers that are tired of the current state of mobile games. We create high-quality mobile games that you only have to pay for once. No microtransactions, no energy, no ads, no lootboxes, just games. Why? Because the games you play matter.

We are challenging what mobile games are and the stereotypes associated with them. Bringing a full game experience to your phone or tablet, just like that.

The Team

We are a team of three young Canadian developers who are looking to make our start in the games industry by makes premium mobile games to shake up the current mobile market.

  • Agusia Krzywinska | President & Technical Director
  • Adam Henderson | Business & Creative Director
  • Matthew Newton | Co-Founder

Agusia Krzywinska

Hey, my name is Agnieszka Krzywinska but please call me Agusia, if you are wondering where that is from I’m a Polish-Canadian, raised in Mississauga Ontario. I am the President of Adjective Noun Studios and for the development side of things I am Tech Director and Lead Programmer. I studied Game Programming at Brock University where I worked on Bad Manors an award winning game at Toronto’s Level up showcase 2019. I have been coding since 2013.

Adam Henderson

Hello, I’m Adam Henderson. I’m from London, Ontario and studied Game Design at Brock University. At Adjective Noun Studios I’m in charge of all the super fun and interesting business things. For development I am the Creative Director and Designer, which basically means I get to make things up as a job. I have always loved video games ever since playing my first, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, on the N64 almost 20 years ago. Now I’m making my own. In my spare time I run entirely too many Dungeons & Dragons games.

Matt Newton

Matthew Newton is from Toronto, Ontario. Matt studied at Brock University for Game Design and during that time won some award alongside Agusia at LevelUp! 2019. He has been invested in games almost all his life and helped get Adjective Noun Studios off the ground.