List of Games

Hotel Hermes

Play as one of the mailroom operators at the Hotel Hermes, a prestigious hotel in the swanky part of New Olympus. Your job is to ensure mail arrives at the right place at the right time and to accomplish this you have to master the archaic and eccentric system used by the hotel. In order to ensure mail reaches the right place, you will have to learn about the guests of the hotel, the upper management, fellow mail clerks, as well as the world at large.

As you play the letters you send will change the world around you. Hopefully for the best!

The Fisherman and The Sea

The world of No-Lens has drowned and with it went the land, people, and stories that came before. Now many ages have passed and those that survived have done so clustered together on disparate islands. Venturing from an island is a thing of taboo, only for pirates and the foolhardy. The Fisherman, however, has grown up on the sea and is the captain of his own dinky rustboat that he uses for fishing and the occasional ferry service for the brave islander. The player will take control of the Fisherman as they set out to explore this dreary drowned world and restore the joy of adventure across the seas…